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Solid State Drives or SSD’s are more like your phone or tablet’s storage system. The data is stored on multiple memory chips that can be read and wrote to simultaneously while accessing many chips at once (See Below). This allows your computers to run significantly faster than traditional Hard Drives which are the slowest piece of memory in your computer and the weak link to system performance. Boot up times under 30 seconds, Wake up times under 10, most app’s load in just a few seconds! The SSD is much more impact resistant, lasts 10-20x longer in operation, stands up to extreme weather conditions better, consumes much less power (longer battery life), has no moving parts and is silent in operation; No more HD clicking!


Whether you are purchasing a new computer/laptop or your current computer is starting to feel sluggish, a Solid State Drive is the next generation technology you need to be using! It can make a 5 year old computer run better than new or extend the lifecycle of any new computer beyond 7 years. Samsung 850 EVO SSD’s start at $69 dollars and are now available up to 2TB in space. Mention this post and I will copy your OS and Data to new Samsung SSD for $150 and can be done in hours35_25

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